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A Winter Storm Is Expected To Cause A Travel Nightmare In The GTA This Sunday

Major travel impacts are to be expected.
Ontario Snow Storm Will Be A Travel Nightmare This Sunday

If you were planning to get out of the city for the weekend, you might want to take a snow check. According to The Weather Network, an approaching Colorado low is expected to sweep across the Great Lakes region on Sunday alongside a new storm, which set to develop off the east coast of the U.S. The low will bring 10-15 cm of snow to the GTA on Sunday, which is expected to have a “major impact” on travel times and conditions.

"This will be a messy and high impact wintry system for much of southern and central Ontario, including across the Greater Toronto Area, where the major impact on travel is expected," explained Weather Network meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

It was reported earlier this week that the aftermath of a bomb cyclone would be bringing heavy snowfall to Toronto this weekend.

However, it remained unclear exactly how it would affect travel conditions. The northern and eastern regions of GTA are predicted to get the worst of the snow with initial estimates showing anywhere between 5-10 cm of snow.

"For areas north and east of Toronto, most of the precipitation will fall as snow with as much as 10-15 cm possible by the time it tapers later on Sunday," Gillham added.

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However, the western and southern regions of Toronto will be left to contend with ice pellets and freezing rain instead. 

With both snow and freezing rain hitting the GTA hard this weekend, commutes are expected to be a nightmare for both land and air. 

"Across the Niagara region and west to London and over to Lake Huron, just a trace to a few centimetres of snow is expected as most of the precipitation will fall as ice pellets and freezing rain with significant ice accretion possible on trees and powerlines," Gillham warned.

On the bright side, temperatures are expected to rise above the freezing mark across the southern GTA by Sunday afternoon.

However, I wouldn’t plan any nighttime strolls if I were you as wind gusts of up 60-70 km and hour are also possible.

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