As you may have already heard, your Halloween night is going to be a little crazy weather-wise. In fact, it's expected to be so bad that some cities in Canada are actually postponing the night's celebrations due to the severity of winds and rain brought by this Ontario storm. But Toronto is standing strong, refusing to be pressured by Mother Nature.

The 6ix doesn't plan to postpone the spooky night, confirmed Mayor John Tory's office on Wednesday, despite what other cities may be doing.

A spokesperson for the Mayor's office, Don Peat, told CP24 on the eve of the celebration: "We're not messing with Halloween."

Peat continued: "Mayor Tory hopes families across the city have a fun Halloween night and assures kids that their costumes are still great even if they have a coat on as well. We encourage everyone to be safe tomorrow night."

Peat did, however, stress that drivers and pedestrians alike should be extremely careful of the challenges that the bad weather will surely bring.

"The City of Toronto reminds motorists daily of the need to be vigilant and look out for pedestrians, especially during inclement weather," he added. "We want young people – of all ages – to safely enjoy Halloween tomorrow night."

That declaration comes on the heels of the news that some Canadian cities, including several in Quebec, have actually postponed the day's and evening's festivities due to the expected brutal nature of the storm.

In fact, so many Quebec towns made the decision that Montreal's mayor eventually officially postponed the city's Halloween until Friday, November 1.

The Halloween weather in parts of Ontario is going to be pretty terrible, but Toronto's not following Montreal's lead. So, if you're planning on going out, the good news is that your plans can still go ahead! The bad news is that, if it's outdoors, you're gonna get wet doing it. 

Mayor Tory tweeted on Wednesday to join Peat in warning drivers to stay cautious as there will be plenty of kids out on the street, trick-or-treating in the city in what will likely be poor visibility.

A special weather statement has been issued for Toronto, warning people to expect "significant rainfall" from Wednesday until Friday, November 1.

Clearly, though, Toronto is determined the show must go on. 

So, whether or not you decide to go outside and face the Ontario storm, don't say we didn't warn you. And if you do, be sure to dress appropriately and be careful!

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