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Ontario Streetracers Caused Chaos After Shutting Down An Intersection To Do Donuts Before Speeding Away At 211 Km/Hour (VIDEO)

It seems no matter how many fatal crashes hit the news, dangerous driving continues to plague Ontario. Though this latest case is definitely a rare one, considering the severity of the danger that was caused and the number of people involved.

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Durham Regional Police received a call around 2:30 in the morning on Sunday about a commotion at the intersection of Altona Road and Finch Avenue. That commotion involved approximately 100 vehicles and pedestrians blocking the intersection. 

Via Durham Regional Police Services | Youtube

When police arrived on the scene along with a helicopter, the helicopter caught footage of cars taking turns in the middle of the intersection to do doughnuts while bystanders filmed the event on their phones. When the police cars finally arrived, that's when the situation descended into absolute chaos. 

After the two police cruisers arrived on the scene, dozens of people began to jump into their cars and speed off in an attempt to escape. The commotion of so many people attempting to speed off at once resulted in several collisions. 

The car that had been doing donuts in the middle of the intersection when the police arrived was the biggest safety concern after the driver decided to speed off. The driver of the BMW Sedan reached a speed of 211 km an hour, to the point where the cruisers stopped their pursuit for safety reasons. 

The helicopter above, on the other hand, continued to follow the car that sped off and even turned off its headlights while still going over 100 km in complete darkness. He continued to attempt to escape until he was caught at a Scarborough gas station, but not before attempting to ram one of the cruisers on site to make one last attempt to flee. 

Via Durham Regional Police Services

The driver who was a 24-year-old man from Markham and the passenger were both arrested on site. The driver is being charged with the failure to stop for police, dangerous driving, racing and the failure to comply with recognizance. 

Source: CTV News, Durham Regional Police Services Youtube 

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