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Ontario Students Created A Petition To Stop Doug Ford's Cuts To OSAP And It Already Has A Crazy Amount Of Signatures petition to stop OSAP changes has been created by Ontario students to stop Doug Ford's cuts to OSAP.
Ontario Students Created A Petition To Stop Doug Ford's Cuts To OSAP And It Already Has A Crazy Amount Of Signatures

As many of you already may be aware, Doug Ford’s government announced massive OSAP cuts on Thursday morning, which included getting rid of free tuition and the six-month interest-free grace period post graduation. Since Doug Ford's announcement, protests have been held by students as they fight to stop these new OSAP cuts. Some students are even taking a step farther by signing a petition which has been created to stop Doug Ford’s cuts to OSAP.

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Three days ago, user Rianne Kan started a petition titled, “Stop Doug Ford’s Cuts To OSAP,” since then, over 39,000 signatures have been collected on this petition and the numbers quickly keep rising.

The reasoning behind the petition is simple, and the description is brief, but students throughout Ontario are all aware of the problems that OSAP will bring students if these changes will go through. Kan states that not only will these OSAP cuts hurt the students, but will also hurt the universities and colleges throughout Ontario.

By signing this petition, Ontarians are attempting to stop the cuts to OSAP that Doug Ford’s government is promising.


Since the protest that occurred on Friday, January 18 in Queen’s Park where hundreds of students attended with signs and chants, students are trying to find other ways to grab Doug Ford’s attention, and this petition seems to be one of those ways.

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Many users have reached out on to explain why they are signing the petition and it truly shows how devastating these changes can be to the student generation if these changes are implemented.

One user, Olivis Hayhurst states that “I’m signing this to stay in school. Without these OSAP grants, it’s not just a handful of people whose future is taken away. To invest in the province is to invest in the education of the future population,”.

Jennifer Jackson is signing because “The key to a great economy and empowering young people is EDUCATION. To make education cuts is not only cruel but sends the message that Ontario does not value our young people’s growth and the “poor stay poor”,”.

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Many other users have stated why they have signed the petition as well, and most agree that if these changes aren’t stopped, many students won’t be able to gain the education that they deserve.






To view or sign the petition, you can find it here. 

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