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You Can Swim In These Gorgeous Hidden Rapids Just Outside Of Toronto

These hidden rapids are the summer oasis you’ve been searching for!

If you’re looking for a way to cool off in this crazy heat, then Cordova Lake might just be the perfect place. While the lake itself is a beautiful spot to swim and watch the sunset, it has so much more to offer. In the tucked-away areas where Cordova Lake feeds into Crowe River and Belmont Lake, you’ll find a handful of hidden rapids and small waterfalls for you to dive in and discover.

Located in Peterborough Ontario, less than two hours from Toronto, these gorgeous rapids are the perfect Ontario swimming hole. What more reason do you need to get out of the city this weekend?

While it’s close proximity to the city makes this lake an ideal summer day trip, you could easily make a weekend out of it as well. The lake is surrounded by a variety of rental cottages and Airbnb’s where you and your BFF’s can stay for cheap. Each of the rapid waterfall areas also has a small pool of calmer water where you can float around peacefully and listen to the running water.

You’ll find boat launches and access points to the lake in Peterborough, Marmora, and Havelock. There is also a small parking lot located near the abandoned mines in Cordova Village where you will find hiking trails and easy access to the upper, middle, and lower falls.

Cordova Lake Rapids

Location: Peterborough, ON

Price: Free

Why you need to go: These gorgeous rapids are tucked away like little secrets just outside of Toronto and are the perfect spot to beat the summer heat.


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