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Ontario Teacher Admitted To Sexually Assaulting 3 Students But Is Only Getting 1 Year In Prison

Guelph teacher, Brian Hathway, sentenced to one year in prison after sexually assaulting three students.

A former high school teacher from Guelph, Ontario pleaded guilty to four counts of sex-related charges back in January 2019. The case came to light after a former student had spoken out about the sexual assault case. On Friday, the College Heights teacher, Brian Hathway, was sentenced to one year in prison, followed by three years of probation. 

Brian Hathway, 50, had been a teacher at College Heights since 2003. In 2017, three male students came forward about sexual assault allegations about the teacher. Two of those students were past students of Hathway at that time, while one student, 17,  was still under his teachings. 

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The court was made aware of multiple incidents between June 2016 and Septemeber 2017 where a student went to Hathway's personal home. The victim was said to be given money and alcohol before being pressured into sexual acts against their will. 

There was also a string of text messages between Hathway and the students that included details and facts about what sexual favors Hathway expected from his students. 

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Hathway was arrested at the start of 2017 when the story first broke but was then released on bail where he resided at the time in Kitchener. Hathway was removed from the teaching staff of College Heights shortly after the story broke. 

He recently appeared in court in January 2019, where he pleaded guilty to sexual assault and sexual exploitation. Both of these counts involved a student who was under the age of 18 at that time. 

None of the victims appeared in the courtroom today, Friday, March 8, to witness Hathway's sentencing, but some family members were present to give victim impact statements. A grandmother of one of the victims reached out to the courtroom, saying of her grandson, "No wonder he was skipping school, his monster was there,". 

According to Guelph Today, the reason why Hathway was handed such a seemingly small sentence for the crimes he committed was due to an agreement that he had with the Crown attorney and defense council. 

Even Crown attorney Julia Forward admitted that the sentencing was at the "low end of the scale," but was due to the fact that the main victim would have a hard time being a witness during the trial, which would have weakened their case. 

Some members of the community are also reaching out through social media about how short of a sentence Hathway is receiving. 

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According to them, this sentence is a joke and doesn't get justice for these victims. 

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When asked by the sentencing judge if Hathway had anything to say, Guelph Today reports that he simply said: "I’d like to apologize greatly for my actions your honour."

Source: Guelph Today