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Front Street Is Completely Jammed By The Ontario Teachers Strike Right Now (VIDEOS)

There are almost 1 million kids out of school today.
Ontario Teacher Strike Has Completely Jammed Front Street (VIDEOS)

Students are staying home on Thursday as the teachers strike continues throughout Ontario. Toronto's Front Street is jammed with protestors as thousands of teachers picket to show how they feel about Ford's cuts to education. The Ontario teachers strikes continue across the province and many teachers are braving the cold. On Thursday morning,  thousands of teachers took to the streets to protest province-wide.

The action has led to 950,000 elementary school kids across Ontario to be out of class, according to CBC

The Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) has been protesting for the past few weeks, according to The Canadian Press through Global News, but this is the first province-wide strike. While the strike is happening across Ontario, multiple teachers have gathered in Toronto to fight back against education cuts. 

Front Street has filled with hundreds of protestors, many of them carrying signs, and braving the cold Thursday weather. 

However, despite the crowds, police have told reporters, including news cameraman Tony Fera, that the protests are well organized. 

Yet, despite the huge turnout of the strike, it likely won't be the only one that Ontario will see. 

Another strike is set to take place on February 11 as teachers continue to protest wage increase freezes and cuts to education by the Ford government.

School programs have been on hold since the work-to-rule action, but the unions and government have still not been able to find any common ground. The rotating strikes will continue throughout the school year, and that means that students will lose four days of class for every two weeks, according to CBC

Ontario's teachers' unions have had no luck negotiating with the Ford government at the bargaining table. 

The Canadian Press reports that the ETFO was actually very close to reaching a deal with the government, but it was ruined last minute when government negotiators changed the proposals they were making. 

"As all of Ontario's public elementary teachers' union escalate job action amid stalled contract talks, over 1000 striking teachers picket the Ministry of Education on Front Street in Toronto," Toronto Star reporter Steve Russell writes. 

The strikes will continue until the teacher's union and the government are able to reach an agreement. 

Meanwhile, it seems the Ontario government has been mistakenly paying far too much of the compensation that it offered to parents of kids affected by the strikes.

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