Prepare yourself for a super heartwarming holiday story. According to Trillium Health Partners, an Ontario teen with cancer, Corey Groves, was just granted his dying wish to meet LeBron James on Christmas Day. Groves even got to see LeBron play in person.

Groves is from Brampton, Ontario and is a big fan of basketball, reports CTV News. His Instagram is filled with pictures of him wearing basketball jerseys.

Diagnosed with a highly aggressive stage four sarcoma cancer six months ago, the 17-year-old has had tons of treatments including 12 rounds of chemotherapy. 

The survival rate of this cancer is only 15% but that hasn’t stopped Groves form living his best life. Despite being told he has less than one year to live, he has managed to keep a positive outlook on life and is setting goals. 

One of his goals was to meet LeBron James from the Los Angles Lakers. 

According to a video posted by Trillium Health Partners, the teen just wanted to shake hands with James. 

“A handshake is like a friendship between someone and I have everything I want so I can’t complain. I think a handshake would be the best thing,” said Groves.

A fellow basketball fan heard his message and responded. According to the video, Toronto Raptors superfan Nav Bhatia surprised Groves at the hospital.

Bhatia claims that he talked to James and he arranged a meeting for the young man exactly one week to the day. 

Thanks to Make A Wish and Bhatia, Groves' dream came true. The foundation was able to give him a week-long trip to LA on December 23.

On Christmas Day, the fan got to watch one of his players take to the court. Afterwards, the two met and the teen finally got his handshake.

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Groves posted a photo of them together on Instagram. Groves is dressed in his Lakers gear and both he and LeBron look happy. You can't help but smile looking at the duo. 

“Merry Christmas :) I got my wish. So thankful to everyone that helped make this happen :),” wrote Groves on Instagram. 

The Lakers took on the Clippers at the Staples Centre on Christmas Day. After an intense game, the Clippers beat the Lakers 111-106.

A family friend of the teen has started a GoFundMe dedicated to his rare form of cancer. 

As of publication time, the GoFundMe page has received $20,706 in donations, nearing its $25,000 goal.

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