Ontarians, rejoice! We are getting a break from the cold weather for a short while and it's looking like there will be a short-lived, but much needed thaw throughout Thursday. Temperatures will be close to the double digits, so bring out your spring jacket and get some fresh air.  In fact, some Ontario temperatures reached record highs this week. According to the Weather Network, Windsor was 14 C on Thursday. That was the warmest temperature they have had since 1940 when it was 13.3 C almost 80 years ago. Today most of southern Ontario will see a nice thaw with temperatures sitting around 9 C in some parts. It is possible that these temperatures will even climb to the double digits, according to the forecast.

It is supposed to climb throughout the morning and peak in the afternoon, before beginning to drop again in the evening. Toronto is currently at 10 C, but feels like 7 C with windchill, according to TWN. With all the cold we have been having lately, we'll gladly take it. However, this thaw isn't going to last for long. Environment Canada is predicting a snowstorm in northern parts of Ontario as well as freezing rain in the southern part of the province throughout Sunday and Monday.

The snow could accumulate up to 25 centimetres in some regions. 

So enjoy today to the fullest, because it will only be a brief taste of spring. By next week we'll be back in the rough weather again. In the meantime, grab a pair of sunglasses and enjoy the warmth.  

By Sunday, we can expect ice pellets, snow, and rain all over the province, according to TWN. This is all courtesy of a Texas low that is sweeping across the province, causing precipitation. 

Freezing rain is expected in certain regions. Toronto seems to be in the clear, but Kingston could see the brunt of the rainfall. There is a chance of 15 to 30 millimetres of freezing rain in the southern parts of the province according to meteorologist Matt Grinter.

January will bring the Arctic air back after this relatively mild week we've had. So enjoy the nice day and prepare for harsher weather in the New Year.

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