The Canadian government has legalized marijuana. Ontario has unveiled the look of the stores that will sell it and Health Canada has even put out ideas on how the packaging for the product should look.

Now colleges and universities in the province are looking at how to handle marijuana on campus at the start of the next school year.

Each school will have its own approach how to handle the issue and some schools have more detailed plans than others right now.  

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Ryerson University, for example, will be launching an educational campaign about marijuana similar to the ones it already has on binge drinking and safe sex.

Both Ryerson and York University are also looking for the best way to update their policy around marijuana.  

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The University of Toronto has put together a team of people to look at the issue and the school will apparently move forward based of the recommendations the group makes.

At George Brown College on the other hand there isn’t any immediate planning going into how to treat marijuana once it is legal. Employees of the college will still be expected to be 100 per cent substance free while on the job.  

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No school yet has said whether students will be allowed to smoke on campus the same way they’re allowed to smoke cigarettes.

So if you’re heading to college or university in the fall you may have to sit through some kind of lecture or presentation about marijuana, or you may not.

It really depends on where you go. 

Source: Toronto Star