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Ontario's Winter Forecast Was Just Announced & It's Going To Be Long & Brutal

Get ready for freezing temperatures and lots of snow.
Ontario Winter Forecast 2020 Predicts A Colder Than Normal Season And A Delayed Spring

The Weather Network just came out with a seasonal forecast for the winter ahead and it's looking like it's going to be a long one. This unseasonably cold November is just a sneak peek of what is yet to come. Ontario's winter forecast for 2020 is looking harsh, cold, and icy.  Cold conditions are expected across the entire country, and Ontario is no exception. Southern Ontario can expect plenty of polar vortex warnings and the storms that come with it, according to the Weather Network. Freezing rain is expected in addition to the snow especially in the southern parts of the province since there's more precipitation than would usually be anticipated. This will mean that we could be hit with big dumps of snowfall that are likely to be coated in ice the next day, CP24 reports, which could make your morning commutes a nightmare.  Northern Ontario is looking at above-normal amounts of snow due to an active storm that will be hitting the region, states the Weather Network. The temperatures are supposed to be below normal. It is also projected to be consistently cold during mid and late winter, with some extended periods of severe cold forecasted.Basically, the Ontario winter forecast is telling us to brace ourselves, as it's going to be stormy, wet, and icy. 

The spring will be cause for concern, too. Water levels are already above normal in the Great Lakes. The high precipitation expected this winter will make the shorelines flood when everything thaws out. The thaw won't be coming early, though. Chief meteorologist Chris Scott expects a late spring. "Once we settle into winter, it does not look like an early spring," he told CTV News. 

The Farmer's Almanac has made similar predictions for this season.

They also predict that "the coldest periods will be in mid- to late November, January, early and mid- to late February, and early March." So you can expect a classic Canadian winter this year.

As for this week in southern Ontario, wet snow is predicted as temperatures sit at around 0-5 C.

So get out your snow boots, shovels, and hats, because this winter is going to be a long one.

Stay warm everyone!

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