Ontario Workers Are About To Get More Paid Sick Days

New changes are coming to the Ontario labour code.
Ontario Workers Are About To Get More Paid Sick Days

The Ontario government is working on improving fairness in the workplace by introducing changes to the labour code that will benefit workers across the province.

If passed, all provincially-regulated companies in Ontario are required to give at least 10 sick days to all part-time and full-time employees, with two of those days being paid. Employees will also no longer need to present a doctor's note for taking personal emergency leave, and are entitled to a leave of absence of up to 17 weeks without fear of losing their job (if the reason is due to domestic or sexual violence).

Currently, only employers with more than 50 regular employees are required to offer unpaid sick days to employees. Upon approval by the legislature, changes to that current system will come into effect in the new year (Jan. 1, 2018). Sean McKenny, the President of the Ottawa and District Labour Council, said that additional sick days will be good for employees.

"It's important that they feel they are contributing," he said. "A healthy workplace is a better workplace and they will work better for the employer." 

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