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Ontario's 401 Highway Is Undergoing Massive Construction

Of course with GTA traffic being what it is, and commuting within the city being a daily nightmare, the province had to make some desperate changes to our city highways. While the solution hasn't been to add alternative routines to move around the GTA, they've instead went with the decision to widen the pre-existing 401 highway.

According to a news release, "The project will widen 18 kilometres of highway, from the Credit River in Mississauga to Regional Road 25 in Milton. Widening the highway will relieve congestion, allow for more efficient transportation and flow of goods, and help accommodate continued population and employment growth in the region."

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They are still accepting design proposals from different teams and will select a willing plan by 2019. While there's no word yet on the cost of the expansion, however the province has committed to spending $2.5 billion in repairs and expansion projects for the highways and bridges across the province.

Source: Ontario Newsroom

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