As you are certainly aware by nowmarijuana will become legal in a couple of months, on October 17th of this year.

The provinces are all putting the finishing touches on their plans to sell cannabis. Ontario recently announced that it won’t be selling the product in stores, but only online this year.

The PC government also announced its no longer going to have physical stores controlled by the government, but private business selling it instead. That decision has a former drug advisor to Obama seeing red. 

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Kevin Sabet worked for as a drug control advisor for the former president of the States, and recently commented on what he sees happening in Ontario.

Taking away the government-controlled monopoly on cannabis sales is a really bad idea, says Sabet.

In his mind, Sabet sees the move as something that was done only for profit, and not with the health of the public in mind. 

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Many companies out there, such as Molson who are going to make a cannabis beer, are really just trying to get people addicted to their products to profit off them, he says.

Companies are likely to increase the level of THC, the thing that gives cannabis its effect, to higher levels in an effort to addict people to the product, says Sabet. 

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Provinces like Ontario are simply following the United States model of legalization, according to Sabet, which he says is based on wild claims and promotes its products to young people to entice them to try it.  

And that's a bad thing in his eyes. 

Source: CBC