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Ontario's Labour Laws Are Getting A Major Overhaul Today

The anticipated and frequently discussed Ontario labour reform bill is finally expected to pass legislation today, meaning that Ontarians can soon look forward to a higher minimum wage and more vacation time. 

Proposed by the Liberal government, the new reform bill includes such changes as equal pay for part-time workers, more personal emergency leave, an increase of minimum wage to $15, as well as increased vacation time. 

As of now, the bill proposes that Ontario minimum wage should rise from the current $11.60 to $14 in January, followed by $15 in 2019.

And although a ton of people are ready to celebrate the news, small and big businesses alike are criticizing how the changes, particularly increased minimum wage, will have on Canadian business. Their biggest concern is that the change is happening to quickly and will require jobs to be cut. 

But the Liberal government has promised to reduce small business taxes as well as give decent incentives to ease the losses that may be incurred when wages increase in January. 

Source:Global News 

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