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Ontario's Most Iconic Swimming Hole Reopens This June 2018

A little pocket of paradise in the Heartland.
Ontario's Most Iconic Swimming Hole Reopens This June 2018

Due to the recent unpredictability of weather in southern Ontario that brought wintry conditions well into spring, the Grand River Conservation Authority has identified a number of public properties that will have to open late this year.

One of those parks is the Elora Quarry, Ontario's most iconic swimming hole. The 0.8-hectare site has remained a popular destination for day-trippers in the summer months since the 1970s, owing to its a large sandy beach, cool turquoise waters and breathtaking scenery.

40-foot-tall limestone cliffs border the quarry's waters, lending the site a somewhat private quality. Thick green forests cover the clifftops and also consist of several hiking trails that lead to great views of the surrounding area.  There are also shaded picnic areas throughout the park, making it a perfect place to have a picnic or family barbecue.

This year, the Elora Quarry will be accessible sometime around mid-June, which is a few weeks later than when it usually opens. Because the site tends to get overcrowded, the GRCA has enforced a daily visitor cap of 1,300 to lessen traffic congestion and ensure public safety. Once the limit has been reached, the gates will be closed for the day and no additional guests will be allowed into the site.

Those who are unable to snag spots before the gates close can seek out nearby parks like Elora Gorge and Guelph Lake (both of which are opening on May 4 this year).

Stay tuned for further updates on the Elora Quarry by visiting its official page on

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