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Ontario's Massive New Rose Garden Opens Next Month

Come and see the flowers.

Ontarians will soon have a new place for basking in the summer sun. Next month, the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Burlington, Ont. will finally open its new Rose Garden to the public, ending a year-long effort to bring new life to the 50-year-old eden. 

The two-acre green space will feature a spectacular collection of roses and companion plants that offer disease-resistant and disease-tolerant solutions for changing times. Back in 2009, cosmetic pesticides were banned, leaving the roses vulnerable to harmful insects and fungal infections. Eventually, the rose garden wilted away, discouraging people to visit.

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By 2017, the RBG decided it was time for a change, and so it sacrificed a year of roses to create a brand new rose garden from scratch. The key to the survival of the new rose garden is the addition of companion plants surrounding the base of the roses, which provide "direct allelopathic health benefits to the roses" when planted in close proximity to them.

The rose garden will also be also be fitted with an advanced irrigation system and soil culture to ensure that it is resilient and sustainable.

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The flowers can be viewed via a network of spacious walkways that cut through the space. Benches, cafe tables and gazebos will also be placed throughout the garden, making it a great place for people to relax, socialize and enjoy the summer season.

The rejuvenated Rose Garden's official opening date is June 23. Those interested in supporting the project can make a donation to the Royal Botanical Gardens here.

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