It was a messy commute for Ontario drivers this weekend. The OPP reported on Saturday, January 25, 2020, that they were forced to respond to several "weather-related collisions." Police also warned motorists to slow down and leave "extra time" for their commutes due to a mixture of brutal Ontario weather of rain and snow, making road conditions dangerous.

The OPP's Highway Safety Division shared photographs of vehicles involved in accidents over the weekend. The photos show a number of flipped over cars scattered throughout the roadway.

It is unclear how exactly the vehicles ended up in their positions. However, judging by the tone of the post, it likely had something to do with the slippery conditions.

The OPP stated in a tweet that, "#OPP have been responding to a lot of weather related collisions today. #carcrash photos from today remind motorists to leave extra time for your commute in the rain/snow." 

Luckily, while multiple collisions did occur throughout the weekend, the OPP also stated that there had been no reported injuries. 

The Weather Network reported earlier the same week that the GTA was expected to be hit by 15-25 millimetres of rain with a possible transition into wet snow.

"15-25 mm of rain is expected along the shores of Lake Ontario, through to the Golden Horseshoe and Niagara region. Widespread amounts of 10-20 mm could fall in the southwest," read a report from the network.

"The rain will change to wet snow and possible ice pellets in the northern GTA and cottage country during the pre-dawn hours Saturday through the morning, before switching to just snow in the afternoon." 

However, it isn't just the weekend that has seen some collisions. 

Two lanes of the QEW Toronto bound also became blocked on Monday, January 27, 2020, after a vehicle became stuck in a ditch. The roads have since been reopened.

However, it looks like those driving on the 400-series highways are reliving the whole snowmageddon fiasco.

Sgt. Kerry Schmidt of the OPP reported over 250 collisions on January 18, 2020, after a widespread snowstorm hit the Toronto area.