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Ontario's Getting Hit With A Heat Wave Next Week With Highs Near 40 C

Some cities will be a lot warmer than others.

Summer heat is finally on its way. Ontario's weather is looking pretty warm and toasty in the final week of May. A possible heatwave will make temperatures soar into the 30's. But with heat comes humidity, which could push highs to nearly 40 C in some cities.

According to The Weather Network, Toronto is going to get hot next week, really hot. 

Windsor, Ontario will get even warmer at 38 C. London and Sarnia will climb to about 35 C, and Hamilton 34 C.

“We’ve got heat and humidity that’s going to be building in and areas could actually be feeling like the upper 30s, close to 40,” says meteorologist Kelly Sonnenburg via The Weather Network.

Temperatures are expected to hover in the high 20s in the coming days, which will feel like 30 C in Toronto.

You can expect daily highs of 31 C from May 26 to May 28 in the city.

According to Environment Canada, the end of May will bring its fair share of showers in the province, which may feel refreshing in the tropical heat. 

Even on the warmest of days, temperatures will plummet by sunset, with lows of around 9 C in Toronto next week.

You can also expect a chance of thunderstorms mid-way through next week, reports The Weather Network.

Take a look at what's on tap for Toronto over the next seven days. 

Toronto has been blessed with perfect summer-like weather in recent days. According to summer predictions, it's only supposed to get hotter and rainier in most of Canada.

The weather we're expecting in Ontario is a far cry from the snow and record-breaking cold at the start of the month. 

To help you enjoy the warm days ahead, Toronto is reopening 850 park amenities this week, including ball courts and picnic areas.

Plus, the city is shutting down several roads to allow more room for pedestrians.

The areas surrounding Toronto's Woodbine Beach will be transformed into one giant sidewalk this weekend. Lakeshore East will be closed to traffic in order to promote walking and cycling.