Oshawa's Massive $55 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Still Hasn't Been Claimed

Someone in Ontario is currently sitting on $55 million.
Oshawa's Massive $55 Million Winning Lottery Ticket Still Hasn't Been Claimed

Currently, there are millions of dollars floating around, waiting to find a home as Oshawa's massive $55 million winning lottery ticket has yet to be claimed. OLG has confirmed that no one has come forward to officially claim the prize yet, which was won in Friday night's Lotto Max Jackpot Draw by a single ticket, purchased in Oshawa. 

OLG confirmed to Narcity today that while they know where the ticket was purchased they don't know anything about the winner yet because no one has come forward yet to claim the huge prize. They were unable to say whether it was an individual or a group who picked the winning numbers, but the entire $55 million prize is going to one ticket. OLG is so far unable to tell anything else about the winner, like whether they even live in Oshawa or just bought a ticket there. 

What they were able to confirm is that the winning ticket has been validated at an OLG machine, meaning that whoever the winner is, knows they are holding a winning ticket with them. 

This is no small win either, $55 million is undoubtedly life-changing. That may be part of the reason why it is as of yet unclaimed. 

In Ontario, winners have one year from the date of the draw to claim their prize. That means that this winner in Oshawa has until April 5, 2020, to claim their prize and OLG says the timeframe for claiming prizes like this varies depending on the person. 

According to OLG some prize winners check every week and are at the prize centre ASAP on Monday morning to claim their winnings, while others don't check their tickets until months later. 

For big prizes like this, OLG says that some people like to spend a little time getting their affairs in order first like contacting their bank or telling their family and friends about the win before officially claiming it because once they claim it their identity is published. 

In the two recent big win cases like this OLG says the winners both claimed it pretty quickly, taking one to three weeks to come forward with their winning tickets. 

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