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26-Year-Old Ontario Woman Banned From Owning Pets After Attacking Her Two Puppies

The dogs will be moved to her ex-boyfriend's house in August.

A 26 year old Ottawa woman has been banned from owning animals for two years. According to a report by The National Post, Brittany Prue appeared in an Ottawa courtroom on Monday. A video was shown of the pet owner repeatedly kicking her puppies, Rick and Morty, in the head in the hallway of her apartment building on May 13, 2018. For the Ottawa woman, dog abuse came with consequences.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers. This article includes descriptions of animal abuse. 

The pet owner reportedly attacked her dogs after one of them urinated in the hallway outside one of the building’s elevator. Rick and Morty were four and ten months old at the time of the cruel beating. The building security video captured the vicious attack.

Prue quickly pleaded guilty to her charges of wilfully causing unnecessary pain, suffering, or injury to her pets. Ontario Court Justice Norman Boxall granted the young woman a conditional discharge during her sentencing which was held at the Elgin Street courthouse on Monday.

According to The Ottawa Sun, Prue’s dogs will be transported to her ex-boyfriend’s place at the end of August. The accused reportedly finished an animal-care education program at PetSmart with Morty and planned to take the same course with Rick in the fall. The pet owner will not be living with the two dogs but plans to visit them, stating her separation from her ex-boyfriend was on good terms.

During a home inspection, animal-welfare officers discovered that Prue also owned an unnamed rabbit. "They noted that there was a rabbit now in the custody of Ms. Prue and they did an assessment on that situation as well, and, again, noted no concerns with regards to the care of the rabbit,” Assistant Crown Attorney Tara Dobec told the court.

Despite the ban, which prevents Prue from owning any other animals for the next 24 months, the judge made an exception for the rabbit.