Over 6,000 Ontario Students Will Be Suspended From School Because They Are Not Vaccinated

6,129 Ontario student suspension notices from schools in Waterloo, Ontario region because of immunization records.
Over 6,000 Ontario Students Will Be Suspended From School Because They Are Not Vaccinated

Ontario schools are taking action and ensuring students are properly immunized. A total of 6,129 Ontario students will now be getting suspension notices from school because they are not vaccinated. These suspensions will be handed out to students in the Waterloo area of Ontario. 

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Waterloo Public Health officials told CBC News that they will soon be giving out 6,129 suspension orders. In order to avoid their kids getting suspended, the parents of these Ontario students will need to show proof that their kids have been immunized by March 26th. The only other way to avoid suspension is if there is a valid reason for exemption, according to CBC News

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These suspensions are not necessarily short in length. CBC News reports that they could be for as long as 20 days, meaning students could be suspended for up to four weeks of school. The Region of Waterloo Public Health had already sent out notices to parents prior to the suspension notices about getting their kids vaccinated. 

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According to CBC News, last fall in 2018, officials had already sent a total of 9,595 notices to parents in the region of Waterloo whose kids did not have updated vaccination records. 

This isn't the first time that thousands of students in Waterloo have been suspended over their vaccination. According to CBC News, over 4,000 elementary students in the region were also facing suspension because of immunization records back in March 2017. 

A recent measles outbreak in BC has been a health scare for many Canadians and prompted more people to get vaccinated. The measles in BC has now spread to Edmonton, Alberta as well, and a new case in the Northwest Territories was just confirmed a few days ago

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Young Canadians have even been going toget vaccinated in the midst of the BC measles outbreak, against their parent's wishes. Dr. Theresa Tam, who is Canada's chief health officer, has spoken up on this and said, "I don't think it's too late ever to get your measles immunization up to date."

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