Breakfast food and booze can go hand-in-hand - it sounds weird, but just ask any returning late-night reveller. But why wait until after a night of drinking to indulge in a fat stack of delicious pancakes when you can have both at the same time at Pancakes and Booze? Toronto will welcome the travelling art pop-up show this fall and, as the name implies, they're bringing the breakfast and booze with them!

The 6ix's Revival Bar will host the event this October and will be stocked with a variety of beer, liquor, and wine at standard bar prices. The best part? The delicious pancakes are all-you-can-eat, and did we mention they are totally free after admission?!

Creator of Pancakes and Booze, Tom Kirlin, says the pop-up event is not your average art show. Rather, it's a unique combination of art and entertainment that presents a welcoming environment for everyone.

"This is not your typical wine and cheese art show," Kirlin says. "Most that attend this event are a non-pretentious group of local artists and art lovers. The walls are covered from ceiling to floor with art.

"It's a great place to view more art than most museums have, by emerging artists you've never seen before. There are about 400 pieces of artwork on exhibit created by around 75 local artists."

In addition to the wall-to-wall art, attendees can also enjoy live DJs and witness live body painting exhibits. There will even be a few non-local artists as well. 

"Most of the artists are local but we do have a strong following in North America," Kirlin says. "We get quite a few artists from around the USA, especially from New York and other east-coast cities." 

In its 10 years running so far, Pancakes and Booze has gone through a crazy growth spurt from its LA roots.

"The event has gone from a warehouse party in LA with 100 people to an event that hosts 35+ cities globally and 50,000+ attendees each year. This year, we've moved to a new venue in response to the growth here in Toronto," Kirlin explains.

Kirlin expects over 1,000 attendees to show up at the Toronto event this fall, now hosted at College Street's Revival Bar after outgrowing its previous home.

Tickets for the event are only $10. Alternatively, you can pay $13 for a "line-jumper" ticket, to get to those fluffy cakes just a bit quicker!

The event will take place on October 5 from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The seemingly non-traditional art show feels entirely normal to Kirlin, who's brought a few of his favourite things together for this widely popular event.

"I've always loved pancakes, art, and nightlife, so to me, this isn't non-traditional - it's my way of life!" he says.

Pancakes And Booze

Location: Revival Bar, Toronto

Price: $10

Why you need to go: Booze, art, and FREE pancakes? Need we say more?