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Someone Actually Parachuted Into Downtown Toronto Yesterday And There's Video To Prove It

Toronto police investigated but the parachuter remains a mystery.

The latest unsolved mystery coming out of Toronto is the so-called distressed parachuter. Yesterday evening, around 7 PM Toronto Police tweeted that they'd received reports of parachuter spotted over downtown Toronto. Since then, this case has captured the attention of Toronto.

The parachuter was spotted in the Bloor and Sherborne area, specifically at Rosedale Valley Rd and Sherborne. According to the reports the parachute may not have been open all the way and the person might have been in distress. Police also stated that officers and firefighters were on the scene where it's believed the mystery parachuter landed since they believed the person was in distress. 

However, despite searching throughout the Rosedale Valley and Sherborne area, and specifically the park area where it's reported the parachuter touched down, their search came up with nothing. 

Police tweeted later that they had searched the area and didn't find a "distressed parachuter" anywhere. They also don't indicate that they found a parachute or any signs that anything like that had happened. 

Given the lack of evidence and how bizarre this story truly is, some people may be questioning whether this even happened. Fortunately, one resident actually managed to capture the parachuter on video and shared it with the police on Twitter. 

The video was taken by a Torontonian who goes by @ericalewin on Twitter. The video, which shows someone with a black and white parachute gliding down between some buildings, appears to have been taken from a nearby balcony. Erica told police that the video was taken around 6:44 PM. 

Thanks to this video there's confirmation that this parachuter existed, but a lot of questions remain, like why was someone parachuting into Toronto? Where did they go? Were they actually in distress? 

Police actually addressed the third question in an update on the parachute situation later. While they couldn't locate the parachuter to confirm, they said that information they'd received from citizens suggested the person was uninjured.

So that just leaves the questions of who is this person and what were they doing. Of course, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, people have come up with their own theories as to just what was going. 

Here are some people's ideas as to why anyone would parachute into Toronto. 

Unfortunately, while there are some great theories there, this is all still a big mystery. To make things even more mysterious, Erica, the resident who shared the video of the parachuter told Toronto Police that she actually believed there was not one, but two people parachuting. 

In a tweet to police she said, "I actually believe I saw two parachuters, the other went in the opposite direction and would have had a more dangerous landing (there’s no clear area to land). I didn’t catch them on video." 

There have been no new updates on the case of the mysterious and possibly distressed parachuter since last night, meaning this particular Toronto mystery will likely remain unsolved.