For Toronto Raptors fans, this weekend marks a notable reunion. DeMar DeRozan is back in the 6ix on Sunday night when his San Antonio Spurs come to town. And Pascal Siakam admits he's excited to see his friend and former teammate again so they can relive their "brotherhood" relationship.

The Raps will once again come face-to-face with their all-time games and points leader at Scotiabank Arena on January 12. Another former player, Jakob Poeltl, will also be returning to the city.

Siakam is currently out injured for the team and is likely to miss the chance to face off on the court with DeRozan.

However, when asked by reporters about his feelings on DeMar and Jakob's return to the 6ix, he shared his love for his two former pals.

"For me, personally, it's a little sad but at the same time it's fun because I love seeing those guys," said Siakam, according to Raptors journalist Vivek Jacob, who was attending the team's press conference on Friday.

"We always had that relationship and talking to them all the time, it feels like brotherhood so you're happy to see them."

This will only be DeRozan's second visit to Toronto for a game since he was traded away back in July 2018 after a near-decade in the 6ix.

On his first return, he was heralded by fans who still seemed to harbour plenty of affection for the star.

It seems Deebo won't get to face his former teammate, though, as Sunday's game is expected to come too soon for Spicy P's injury recovery.

However, according to CBC, Nick Nurse says Siakam, along with Marc Gasol, is closing in on a return.

ESPN's NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski reports that Siakam could even be back on the court sometime next week, after having been out of action since December 18. 

Siakam isn't shy of expressing his feelings for his teammates, old or new. For example, he was happy to share his love for the likes of Fred VanVleet.

Given that Raptors fans were debating earlier this season whether Spicy might have eclipsed DeRozan as a Raptor already, Siakam would surely have liked to get out there and face the man himself.

As it is, he looks set to be sidelined again, but he will likely wear his heart on his sleeve on Sunday when DeRozan steps out onto the court.

As will, surely, many Raptors.

And no more so, in all likelihood, than Kyle Lowry. Spicy P and Deebo may have had a "brotherhood," but it's got some way to go to beat KLow and Deebo's bromance — both off the court and on it.

The reunions promise to be cute.