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Pascal Siakam And Fred VanVleet's Karaoke Initiation Video Is Such A Throwback

Karaoke is a huge part of rookie initiations, at least for the Toronto Raptors. An old video has risen showing current first-team stars Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet showing off their singing chops back in 2016. And, far cry from the current team's sense of style and flair, Spicy and Steady looked like the new kids at school with their fresh faces and white shirts.

The video resurfaced on Reddit this week in honour of the superb efforts this year's rookies Terence Davis, Matt Thomas, and Dewan Hernandez strutting their own stuff at the 2020 event.

That trio poured their heart and soul into it but possibly proved they're better basketball players than singers. They still brought the house down, though.

And they've all had to do it!

Back in 2016, Spicy P, FVV, and fellow rookie Jakob Poeltl were just eager newbies themselves, starting their respective NBA careers.

And it seems like this old-school crew knew how to rock Vanessa Carlton's iconic "A Thousand Miles" even better than Davis and Co.

Back then, though, a spot of karaoke wasn't the only test rookie Raptors were put through. Oh no.

In fact, three years ago and change, they had to show themselves off as all-around entertainers.

More footage from around that time posted on the Raptors' social media shows longtime franchise staple Kyle Lowry and his BFF and then-Toronto teammate, DeMar DeRozan, getting the new crop of players to dance in front of the home crowd.

The guys proved that they not only knew how to "sing" but they could also dance, sort of.

The rest, as they say, is history.

Though Poeltl has since left, Siakam and VanVleet are core components of the post-championship Raptors. Pascal, of course, is also an All-Star starter.

He came from humble roots, though. A pic he snapped years ago with future NBA-winning teammate Serge Ibaka at a basketball camp in Africa made a recent comeback and it's just an amazing throwback.

Meanwhile, FVV clearly hasn't forgotten how to party. The Raptors gang went hard for Fred's birthday this month.

Seeing VanVleet and Spicy P belting their hearts out on stage back in the day is pretty fitting, too, considering they regard each other as bros for life.

Anyway, good luck to next year's rookies. The bar is high.

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