Siakam & His Brothers Had The Most Heartwarming Reunion This Weekend (VIDEO)

Siakam and his siblings celebrated his success together this weekend.
Toronto Staff Writer
Siakam & His Brothers Had The Most Heartwarming Reunion This Weekend (VIDEO)

Success is only as good as the people you can share it with, and Pascal Siakam had plenty of relatives to share his glory with this week. The 25-year-old's older brothers Boris, Christian, and James, who all played NCAA Division I basketball, were there to celebrate his All-Star debut on Sunday night.

The Raptors star's siblings made their presence known during the All-Star skill competition, which, according to Sportsnet, saw Siakam make it to the semi-finals. All while his brothers yelled out his name and celebrated every little success.

It's evident in the footage, just how much respect and love Pascal's siblings have for his success; there are cleary no sibling rivalries in the Siakam household.

"He made it all the way to the second round, it was good, he just couldn't make that three-pointer, but it's all love, it's a fun game and we will back next year," said Christian Siakam while being interviewed about his brother.

A touching reunion of the brothers was also captured after the game. 

In the clip, Pascal and his siblings can be seen embracing and talking about his performance, humble as always Siakam ends off the video by joking that he "can't dunk" while stating that he's not sure if he'll be invited back next year.

Spicy P and his family had also been spotted together when the player heard that he would be an All-star starter this year.

An emotional Siakam later reflected on the bittersweet moment while noting the absence of his father, who was killed in a car accident back in 2014.

"I kind of hate, like, every time there's a big moment, it feels like there's something missing," Siakam said in about his late father, according to Yahoo Sports. "But I know, I know he's here, I know he's watching me. I can feel his presence."

However, Siakam wasn't the only Raptor that had the spotlight during the All-Star Game. 

Lowry and his kids were also spotted throughout the weekend. They were even seen cheering Siakam on from the sidelines during his dunk contest. 

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Toronto Staff Writer
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