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Pascal Siakam-DeMar DeRozan Comparison Has Raptors Fans Making A Big Statement

The post-NBA championship Toronto Raptors are doing just fine. Supposedly without a "star" man, some people were worried about the fate of the Toronto team during this new season. But players have stepped up incredibly so far, and, in fact, Raptors fans are making a Pascal Siakam-DeMar DeRozan comparison that shows just how far the team has come.

It's certainly fair to say Siakam has shown up so far this season like never before.

Spicy P's gone from roster player to potential trade piece to cornerstone player for Nick Nurse's side as they mount a challenge to defend their NBA title.

And he's stepped out of the shadows since Kawhi Leonard's departure. In fact, his improvement has been pretty staggering.

According to the Toronto Star, in the 2017-18 season, Siakam averaged around 7.3 points a game. Just two years on, and he's now hitting a 27.2 mark, meaning he's generally contributing 20 more points than he used to.

Siakam's wild progress is actually seeing him being compared with a bona fide Toronto basketball legend by Raptors fans, who are suggesting he's already eclipsed DeRozan.

A contributing factor may be that Siakam's PPG increase is actually considerably more than the improvement DeRozan registered between his time as an NBA rookie and an All-Star.

DeRozan's PPG average increased 18.7 points across an eight-year timeframe.

In the current season so far, meanwhile, DeRozan is averaging 19.8 points a game for the San Antonio Spurs, while Siakam is hitting 26.2 points.

And, for many fans, those numbers speak for themselves.

Siakam has shown so much improvement from last year that Raptors fans are already saying he's better than DeRozan ever was.

That's quite the statement, given DeRozan's legendary status and records as a longtime Raptor before he was traded as part of the package to entice Kawhi.

But Siakam's play has been making headlines, such as his incredible block on THE LeBron James during a clash with the Lakers this month.

And it looks like Raptors fans' love for Siakam might be more than just for his game. One young Toronto Raptors fan was caught asking Siakam out for his mom.

Being a Toronto Raptor was a peak time for DeRozan, as he himself has stated. In fact, he was so emotionally struck by the team winning the NBA that he admitted he couldn't watch his former teammates enjoy their championship ceremony.

It seems that in the eyes of many fans, though, his legacy is already being outstripped by Siakam's incredible rise to prominence. 

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