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Pascal Siakam Of The Toronto Raptors Surprised A Toronto Class Of Kids (VIDEO)

One lucky school in Toronto got an epic surprise visit from a Toronto Raptor and we're both delighted and totally jealous. Pascal Siakam popped into Runnymede Collegiate Institute to surprise a group of students and the video might just bring a tear to your eye. The video was posted on Twitter on Tuesday, December 10 and it is just another reason to love Spicy P.

Students from Runnymede Collegiate Institute had no idea who was about to step foot into their class on Tuesday morning.

To their surprise and excitement, Spicy P casually strolled through the door wearing a massive, heartwarming grin.

After being honoured with the Athlete Hero Award in October, Siakam made this visit in keeping with his efforts working with Toronto elementary schools.

According to the Right To Play website, since being in Toronto, Siakam has made an immense impact on the local youth with his work, both on and off the court.

The official NBA Twitter followed Spicy P around the city as he took part in All Access Day with the basketball organization.

The video shows students in utter shock when they see the Raptors star walk into the classroom.

One student in the video can be heard saying, "This feels so unreal." We get it, we'd feel the exact same way.

Siakam made sure to shout out the efforts by the school to lead and maintain activities for the students.

The school's efforts "inspired me to come in and say hi," said Siakam. "Thank you guys for the work that you guys have been able to do and you guys are amazing," he continued. "I'm happy to be here, I'm just here to hang out with you guys."

Naturally, the kids look shocked, excited, and in total disbelief. The athlete's sincere smile, warm energy, and inspiring words could turn any bad day at school around in a second.

People on Twitter definitely felt that the moment was just too sweet.

"Pascal Siakam is the best in every way. We are lucky to have him in the #6ix," wrote one Twitter user.

"Spicy P!!!! sooo awesome! Way to go @RunnymedeCI b/c only a class-act school gets a visitor like @pskills43 to visit!" wrote another Twitter user. Not only is Spicy P a class-act, but the school must be, too.

Siakam is a very well-loved NBA player, especially after this adorable appearance. On top of that, some fans think he's better than DeRozan.

We're surprised Siakam's best friend Fred VanVleet didn't make an appearance. After all, they're practically brothers.

This surprise is definitely something that those students won't soon forget.

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