Pascal Siakam Finally Speaks Up About Kawhi’s Decision To Leave Toronto (VIDEO)

Siakam couldn’t have been more laid back.
Pascal Siakam Finally Speaks Up About Kawhi’s Decision To Leave Toronto (VIDEO)

When news first broke about Kawhi Leonard’s departure from the Raptors, it was chaos. Social media exploded with questions - what will Toronto do without him? Can we really hope to win another a championship without the Board Man? However, in the weeks since the news broke, things have calmed down quite a bit and it looks like the Finals MVP’s former teammates, like Pascal Siakam, aren’t exactly sweating about his exit either.

During a recent interview with TMZ Sports, Raptors star Pascal Siakam was asked if he was still celebrating Toronto's historic win, to which the player responded, "Nah bro." When asked about Kawhi's departure,  Siakam couldn’t have been more laid back. Just like Nick Nurse.

Siakam ended the interview by waving off another question about the NBA trade rumours surrounding him, saying "I am a Raptor right now, so I'm excited about that. Imma figure out next season, next season."

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Siakam also shrugged off the fact that he was at the centre of trade talks for a while. "It's the NBA ... shit happens. It's the NBA. It's a business."

Then came another important question. Have any of the Raptors been to Drake’s massive new in-home basketball court yet? According to Spicy P, he has yet to receive an invitation to the court from the Raptors Global Ambassador but admitted that the whole thing looks pretty “lit.”

Drake showed off his new court in a subtle flex on Instagram on Monday. The rapper posted two videos, the first an overhead view of his new basketball court from the skylight above, and the second is of the rapper himself, sinking a shot from the sidelines. Which makes you wonder how many takes they did to get that moment just right.

We're sure that it's only a matter of time before the Raptors get invited to Drake's Bridle Path mansion for some pre-season practice on his new court.

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