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Pascal Siakam Snow Sculpture Impresses The Man Himself Amid The Snowstorm

Toronto and the majority of southern Ontario faced what was arguably the worst winter storm of the season on January 18-19. While the volume of white stuff falling was pretty damn inconvenient for many people, others decided to make the most of it. One person, in particular, went all out and created a Pascal Siakam snow sculpture that even has its own replication of Spicy P's spin move.

The City of Toronto was hit with a major snowstorm on the afternoon of January 18 that left the city in a complete white-out. The 6ix is still trying to clean up what was left behind.

Cars were sliding, TTC vehicles were stuck, and there were hundreds of car crashes that left the GTA in absolute dismay.

With residents being warned not to leave the house unless they absolutely had to, one man, Matt Morris, decided to take advantage of the gift from Mother Nature.

Morris, who lives in Waterloo, Ont., according to CTV News, took up the challenge of creating a large sculpture in honour of Toronto Raptors star Siakam.

In photos and a video shared onto his Twitter account, Morris, whose bio on the social media site describes him as a "snow sculptor," shows off his seven-foot model.

He even demonstrates how the sculpture spins, just like Spicy P himself.

"Pascal Siakam has an amazing spin move. So my 7’ snow sculpture tribute to him had to spin. #snowsculpture @pskills43 @raptors #raptors #wethenorth #torontoraptors," reads Morris' tweet.

And it seems Siakam was pretty pleased with what he saw.

Spicy — or maybe we should call him Chilly now? — retweeted the masterpiece and also posted it on his Instagram story for his fans to see, calling it "dope."

The Toronto Raptors later retweeted the video, too.

For what it's worth, Morris seemed delighted to have earned Siakam's seal of approval.

"Thanks for the note Pascal. You are an All-Star member of an outstanding team," reads part of his response.

"It’s been great fun watching you develop into one of the most exciting players in the NBA. Wishing you & your team continued success. Felicitations!"

With the amount of love that fans have been showing for Siakam so far this season, maybe we shouldn't be surprised one support has been committed enough to honour him in snow form.

And given the skills he shows off on the court, after all, anyone would want to honour this king.

Toronto is expected to be hit with a bit more snow this weekend, The Weather Network.

Although it most likely won't feel as bad as this past storm, maybe Morris will be able to add further to his piece. Arms or legs, perhaps? 

Meanwhile, over in Newfoundland, they could probably make a snow statue of every single player to have ever feature for the Raptors and still have plenty of it leftover.  

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