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Pascal Siakam Was Asked Out On TV By Young Son Of Female Raptors Fan

This isn't something you see every day. While the Toronto Raptors were beating the Sacramento Kings at Scotiabank Arena on November 6, a young fan took the opportunity to ask one of the team's leading stars on a date on behalf of his mother. Pascal Siakam was the apparent chosen one, and we have to admire this little guy's go-get-em attitude.

The Raptors ended up only beating the Kings by four points on Wednesday night in what turned out to be a real edge-of-the-seat encounter.

But there was far more than just the on-court action on show for fans who had their eyes glued to the big screen.

Siakam's 23 points in the game were second to only Kyle Lowry and continued the forward's strong start to the season.

However, it seems he had a good chance of scoring off the court, too. At least, he did if this kid had anything to do with it.

Video footage on the jumbotron showed a young fan holding up a sign in the crowd adorned with the message: "Pascal, will you date my mom?"

From the way the woman next to the boy reacted, alerting the boy to the fact he was on the screen and blowing a kiss, we've drawn two conclusions.

Firstly, she was probably the mom in question. Secondly, she's not averse to the idea herself.

Her kid was shooting his shot at having a famous baller for a step-dad, but maybe he was onto something?

Siakam secured himself a not-too-shabby $130-million, five-year extension with the Raptors in the offseason. Maybe the kid just wants his share. 

We can only speculate.

Twitter had its fun with this one, as you might expect.

So, yeah, people feel all types of way about that.

As for Siakam himself, if he saw the footage, we imagine he'll have found it amusing. Pascal's shown he has a sense of humour, including with playful comments he made about Nick Nurse postgame.

If Raptors fans have their way, though, Siakam might be already spoken for. Observers were touting Siakam and Bianca Andreescu as a new power couple after the two hung out a couple of weeks back.

Nothing will likely come of it, and people have mixed feelings, but one thing's for sure. You have to admire the kid.

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