Pascal Siakam Just Told Us What He Loves Most About Toronto & His Fans

Spicy P's new sauce is already a win!
Pascal Siakam Just Told Us What He Loves Most About Toronto & His Fans
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Despite the chilly temperatures yesterday, things in the food world got a lot hotter. Raptor's fans can now enjoy the heat from their own homes with Pascal Siakam's new sauce. The all-star, nicknamed "Spicy P", collaborated with Nando's and released a limited-edition Spicy P(ERi-PERi), and it's already a win. Pascal Siakam's Nando's hot sauce officially launched yesterday, and we got a chance to talk Toronto, fans, and food with him.

Siakam was all smiles as he debuted his new Spicy P(ERi-PERi) yesterday afternoon.

The NBA all-star surprised Nando's employees with a special visit to celebrate the new sauce, which has been a year in the making.

We chatted with Spicy P himself and found out what he likes most about the 6ix.

"The people. I like the diversity... I'm international so it's important to have people to connect to," he said. "The food is awesome, Nando's is one of my favourite places. It's a fun city, going out, eating out... there's always things to do."

When asked what his most memorable moment with Canadian fans was, he replied right away.

"The parade, I don't think you can beat that," he said, referring to the massive Raptor's championship celebration in Toronto last year. "That was the best thing ever for me. Seeing that many fans, that many people was incredible."

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We can probably all relate to Siakam's favourite food to enjoy hot sauce on.

"I like chicken," he said. "Nando's chicken... I'm ready, I'm always there for that."

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A portion of the profits from Spicy P(ERi-PERi) will be donated to Right To Play, an organization that empowers children through sports and activities.

The sauce is available in both medium and hot and brings some of the spice from the court to Raptors fans everywhere.

You can now find it at Nando's restaurants and select retailers for a limited time only.

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The hot sauce will only be available while supplies last, so it's time to get out and score a bottle before they're gone.

 Indulge in the heat of the game in a whole new way with Spicy P's new sauce!

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Spicy P(ERi-PERi)

Price: Prices vary depending on the retailer

Why You Need It: Spice up your life with Siakam's limited edition Nando's hot sauce.

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