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Patrón Is Hosting A Cocktail-Making Masterclass In Toronto This Weekend

Want to learn how to make a killer margarita? Let the experts teach you.

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Hands up if your knowledge of cocktail-making starts and stops with a basic mix of tequila and lime. Have you ever wanted to learn how to make something — anything — else? Maybe impress your friends with a fancy margarita, an El Diablo, or a Mexican martini? 

Why not learn from the experts? Patrón has partnered with Toronto's Milagro Cantina to offer a series of tastings and cocktail masterclasses that will leave you with expert knowledge of all things tequila! And in the evening, those dining at Milagro have the chance to try a special limited-time menu. 

Until Nov. 16, surround yourself with tequila enthusiasts like yourself and learn the art of tequila from Mariana Sánchez Benítez, the leader of Patrón’s Brand Education for International Markets, and Patrón Brand Ambassador/ bartender extraordinaire, Kris Bahamondes. In this masterclass, you'll learn all you can about the time-tested methods Patrón uses to create the world’s finest tequila, like how they've been using the same artisanal, traditional recipe since 1989, and how they've worked with the same eight families, who are experts in growing agave, since the brand's inception.

Masterclass attendees will also explore the journey from the agave fields in Jalisco to the world’s finest tequila through a guided tasting flight of Patrón Silver, Reposado, Añejo, and the newest member to the portfolio, Gran Patrón Smoky. I had the opportunity to try all four tequilas and, let me tell you, they are delicious! Like, pour-in-a-glass-and-sip-on-its-own-without-mixer delicious. 

The Patrón Silver is a light and airy tequila with fruity notes of citrus and green apple. But, as Mariana Sánchez Benítez points out, you'll mostly get a hint of sweet potato once you taste it. It's a great starter tequila. 

Then there's the Patrón Reposado, which is aged for at least two months and has a smooth taste with a hint of oak flavour. It's slightly sweet and, to be honest, this one was my favourite. If you like hints of vanilla and caramel, you'll love the Patrón Reposado. 

The Patrón Añejo is where tequila starts to get serious. Aged for at least 12 months, the Añejo is perfect for sipping and has a long, woody, caramel finish.

But it's the Gran Patrón Smoky that really takes the cake if you ask me. At $278 per bottle, this sophisticated silver tequila was a complete surprise — peppery, spicy, and smoky. I've never tasted anything like it and, after having it in a cocktail, I was wholly impressed. It may be my new favourite drink.

Thirsty yet? You can get tickets to tomorrow’s last set of masterclasses with Patrón and Milagro Cantina here. Tickets include learning how to create your own margarita masterpiece in a souvenir piña cup, a selection of authentic Mexican sharing plates, and tequila knowledge from the experts that you won't get anywhere else. 

Patrón and Milagro Cantina's Cocktail Masterclass

Price: $42.59 - Tickets available here

When: Until Nov. 16, 2019

Address: Milagro Cantina, 783 Queen St. W, Toronto, ON M6J 1G1

Why You Need To Go: To learn how to make a killer margarita! Plus, taste some of Patrón's finest products, speak with tequila enthusiasts, nibble on authentic Mexican cuisine, and learn how Patrón grows some of the world's finest tequila.

Drink tequila, eat tacos, learn how to make cocktails, and meet like-minded people! Get your tickets to Tequila Patrón and Milagro Cantina's Cocktail Masterclass before they sell out. Tomorrow is your last chance! And if you can’t attend, splurge on the new Gran Patrón Smoky at home this season. It’s now available at LCBO stores across Toronto.