Your New Furry Friend Is Waiting For You At Toronto's Mega Dog Adoption Event This Saturday

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Your New Furry Friend Is Waiting For You At Toronto's Mega Dog Adoption Event This Saturday

If you've always dreamed of having a furry friend - or another one - then the Toronto Humane Society has the perfect opportunity for you this weekend! You can give a loving home to a dog in need at an annual mass adoption event happening in the city this Saturday. The annual Paws in the Park Toronto event also offers a bunch of fun things to do while you're there!

The yearly event will be hosted Woodbine Park on August 10 this year. It has been running for the past eight years but it's only in the last three years that dogs have been available for adoption right then and there in the park. 

"When we're able to put on mass adoption events like this, we're able to find 40 dogs a home in one day and make a huge impact," Hannah Sotropa, public relations specialist for Toronto Humane Society, told Narcity.

Paws in the Park serves as the Humane Society's main fundraising event and helps cover some of its annual operating costs. Puppies will be available for adoption for $500 and all other dogs will be available for $400.

"It's events like these that keep our doors open," said Sotropa.

The event has a goal of raising $150,000 and at the time of publication, the society has reached 44 percent of that goal with just over $66,000 being raised so far.

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Of course, there will be fun things to do at Paws in the Park, but it is also an educational event to teach people about dogs and hopefully have all 40 dogs adopted by the end of the day.

This year it will be an "ask event" which basically means that there will experts from the Toronto Humane Society, volunteers, dog trainers, people who foster dogs, and physiotherapists on hand to answer any questions you have.  

"It's a good way to get the community together and get our messaging out there," said Sotropa.

And it seems there's already excitement from dogs and their owners coming to the event!

People who don't have a dog are also welcome to come out to support the Toronto Humane Society and see adorable dogs.

So, what exactly can you expect if you drop by Paws in the Park?

Sotropa told Narcity that along with activities like dog yoga, dog training, dog massages, and a photobooth, there will also be a kid's section with caricature artists, vendors, a silent auction, and a scavenger hunt.

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Muskoka Brewery and Tito's Vodka will be on-site and so will a bunch of food trucks. 

"It's a jam-packed day!" Sotropa said. 

So, if you want to adopt a dog this weekend, check out Paws in the Park. Even if you don't have a perfect pooch, the Toronto Humane Society still wants you to come out, show your support, and have fun!

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