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PCs Projected To Win Majority Government In Election

PC leader Doug Ford has jumped out to a lead in the provincial election to become the next premier of Ontario.

Doug Ford and his party are hoping to form the first non liberal government in the province for over a decade.

According to current polls the PCs have a massive lead over all of the other parties right now. 

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Currently the polls are projecting that the PCs will win a majority of the seats meaning that they would form the government for the next 4 years in Ontario.

Right now these are still only projections not official results but it is beginning to look as if the PCs have won more than the 63 seats to win a majority government.   

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This is not what many polls in the last week have said which had the NDP and PCs essentially tied going into the election.  

Those projections have not held true though as within half an hour of the polls closing today many outlets began to project a near total victory for Doug Ford.  

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If projection for the PCs holds true it will be the first job in provincial parliament for Doug Ford.

Source: Global News

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