Pearson Airport Confirms That Cancellations And Delays Will Occur Tomorrow

Pearson Airport informs travellers that delays and cancellations will occur tomorrow due to the expected weather conditions.
Pearson Airport Confirms That Cancellations And Delays Will Occur Tomorrow
Ontario Editor

Torontonians are bracing themselves for a winter storm tomorrow as Environment Canada warns the city can see up to 20 cm of snow throughout the day. While some Canadians are preparing for the storm, others may be trying to escape it by flying out of the city to anywhere that is warmer than here. However, Toronto Pearson airport has just confirmed that cancellations and delays will be occurring throughout the day tomorrow due to the storm. 

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The weather is expected to be fierce tomorrow. Not only is the GTA expecting a crazy amount of snow, but also ice pellets and freezing rain throughout the afternoon. Visibility is also going to be reduced as gusting winds of 80 km/hr blow snow throughout the city. 

Pearson is already preparing for the winter storm before it has even started. On Monday afternoon Pearson airport released a tweet about the upcoming storm stating that since snow and freezing rain is expected to hit most of Southern Ontario that all airline operations will be affected. 

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Tomorrow, significant snow/freezing rain is expected, impacting southern Ontario. Airport operations will be affected, leading to cancellations and delays. If you are travelling tomorrow, please confirm your flight status with your airline:

February 11, 2019

This means that multiple cancellations and delays are expected throughout the day tomorrow as the snow, ice pellets and wind continue to worsen the conditions of the runways. 

Due to these delays and cancellations, Pearson airport is informing travelers to confirm the status of their flight before traveling to the airport and to expect delays. 

This also means that if you are traveling tomorrow, ensure that you give yourself extra time to get to your location. Roads are expected to be messy and commutes are going to take longer than normal due to the large amount of snowfall that the province will be receiving throughout the day. 

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You can click here to track arrival and departure time from Pearson throughout the day tomorrow. 

Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor