Police Officers Made A Mississauga Boy's Social Distancing Birthday Special (VIDEO)

This is too cute from Peel Police!
Peel Police Made A Young Boy's Birthday By Turning Up At His House To Honk For Him

In times of darkness, it's the little bright spots that keep us going. Although Ontarians are stuck inside right now, birthdays are still being celebrated and one Mississauga boy got an awesome surprise from Peel Police at the weekend. About 10 cop cars pulled up in front of the birthday boy's house, with their lights and sirens, holding up a sign and even giving him a gift too!

The awesome moment was shared onto Facebook for everyone to see, and it's a lift we all need right now.

In the post shared on her Facebook on Sunday, April 5, Amanda Dunne thanked 11 Division of Peel Police for making her newly-five-year-old son's day special despite the circumstances.

"This has been such an AMAZING day!!!!" Anthony's mother wrote.

"Anthony just had like 10 cop cars with their lights and sirens going and they even made him a sign and brought him a gift."

"I am so full of joy and happiness right now I'm so happy my son (has) felt special today it's all I wanted!"

She continued: "So many people have come out to honk their horns and wave, some have even brought gifts. Just when I think I've lost all hope for humanity all these beautiful amazing people come out and show us the love this world has to offer."

[facebook https://www.facebook.com/amandamarie.dunne/posts/10158368079599558?__xts__[0]=68.ARBJMHjrra9MvMP-RNG5A57Sb59JY_ySaFM9UG3aXd2H7gCgID6sPsCdDNOYVZgzlSeu8vq6JxHn6IZe-e9--sI-HXQCKHjg4WfZWPWVfgN9AIFBDJ6uyQDtXeTKuYl-v9ncGidU_RZJSSCgjfdj7eIJMuDfqWxW0SyyjwcuSdxgZFvJLhAJxWCV3F49pLCGqHknAHh40wFZs4FSKEiN2ubnrqwD7OxxHJhLtjFglhOIaqpFduLPNJurLb-nPuTQnVFg5g&__tn__=-R expand=1]

She ended her message by thanking B Platoon of Division 11 and calling all the participating officers "amazing human beings."

Aww, now isn't that the cutest?

Dunne notes to mississauga.com that she had sent out several requests in the day's leading up to her son's special day asking for help from any neighbours who were able to stop and honk their horns in celebration.

She most certainly did not expect police to take part, though. But, as it happened, some 10 cruisers showed up with lights and horns blaring, much to her neighbours' initial alarm.

"He was screaming hysterically, jumping up and down," Dunne added. "He loves firemen, police cars, and things like that, so it was a huge surprise for him."

But even though they showed up, everyone still managed to practice proper social distancing, proving that Ontarians do seem to finally be getting the point.

This was certainly a nicer assignment for Peel Police than what Toronto Police have been faced with this week.

TPS officers spent Monday, April 6 breaking up sports games, skate hangouts, and even one 40-person gathering around the city.

As for Peel Police and the Dunne family, though, this surprise has brightened up a dark time. The officers involved even gave little Anthony a LEGO fire truck for his birthday.

"He’s playing with that every single hour of the day now," Dunne finished.

Wholesome level = maxed out.

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