911 is usually the second phone number you learn in your life, after your parents number of course. They even teach it to you in school and tell you what to say when you call.

They also teach you not to call unless it is an emergency! You aren’t supposed to be calling because you lost all your money at the casino or because you need the local KFC number.

Unfortunately some people in the Peel region haven’t seemed to have gotten that message, and they’ll just dial 911 for things that no one should ever consider a real emergency.

Here are some of the worst phone calls. 

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A 16-year-old girl called 911 because her parents were forcing her to go on vacation with them. What did she think would happen? That the cops would show up and put her into the witness protection program or something so she wouldn’t need to go anywhere?

Also, who complains about going on vacation? 

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Another person called because their power went out and they wanted to know when it would be back on. When your laptop charger doesn’t work it’s basically the end of the world - right?

My personal favourite is someone who called to say they were sick but couldn’t get in touch with their boss so they wanted the police to call their boss for them. 

Really. These people actually exist. Apparently less than 60% of the calls Peel Regional Police get are actually emergencies.  

If you want some actual audio you can check out the video below, featuring a woman who’s laundry machine didn’t work and a man who wasn’t happy with the car wash he paid for.  

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