The brand new Banksy exhibit just opened in Toronto and already there is lots of controversy surrounding it. First one of the pieces, valued at $45,000 was reportedly stolen and now people are basically boycotting the event entirely. 

Many people are criticizing the event for a number of reasons, but the main one is that it apparently goes against everything the world famous street artist represents. 

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Criticizers of the exhibit are saying that profiting off of Banksy's art defeats the purpose of it, since the artist is known for using his pieces to make bold statements against capitalism. Tickets for the exhibit are selling for up to $40. 

Another big complaint is that the exhibit, and the profits from it, have nothing to do with the artist officially. Banksy himself has no affiliation to this event and hasn't authorized it in anyway. The exhibit is instead put on by his former manager, Steve Lazarides. 

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June 13, 2018

Some people are very heavy handed with their criticism saying any true art lover that respects Banksy and his work should not be going to this show. Posters have even been spotted outside the event protesting it. 

On the other side there are many people who don't see a problem with the exhibit, saying that Lazarides has every right to showcase the work. Line ups to get in indicate that people aren't deterred by the criticism. 

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The event runs in Toronto's west end until July 11th.