People Have The Most Savage Reactions To Drake Not Attending TIFF 2018

They aren't happy that Drake keeps blowing off Toronto.
People Have The Most Savage Reactions To Drake Not Attending TIFF 2018

Last night was the official opening of the Toronto International Film Festival, with parties going on and celebrities everywhere in the streets. But, one star was noticeably absent - and people are pissed. 

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Yesterday, Drake cancelled his scheduled TIFF appearance at the last minute and even though he tried to apologize, Drake's fans aren't letting it go.

The Toronto born singer was supposed to introduce the film Monsters and Men at the festival last night but cancelled, saying something about tour scheduling conflicts, despite not having a show last night. 

In a video that played before the movie instead, Drake apologized saying he wished he could be there but was on tour. People think the apology left a lot to be desired and now they have the most savage reactions to the entire situation. 

Given that Drake just cancelled a Toronto show a little over two weeks ago, some people are getting pretty mad at him. On Reddit, one person said that the people of Toronto would eventually realize that Drake is an asshole. 

Others have gotten a bit more creative and a lot more savage with their responses. One person said this must be how Drake's son Adonis feels, while others said his team must be trying to find a sick child for him to visit, referencing the hospital visit he did when he cancelled his Toronto show in August. 

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Some have also said that maybe Drake was afraid of all the violence that has been going on in Toronto lately, while others also theorized that he doesn't want to be seen after getting called out for his Hell's Angels sweater. 

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Drake's tour with Migos is set to continue this weekend with shows in Boston starting tonight. Assuming they don't get cancelled. 

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