People Keep Throwing Chairs Onto The Gardiner Expressway From High-Rise Balconies In Toronto

Torontonians are taking up arms against the people throwing chairs onto the populated Gardiner Expressway.
People Keep Throwing Chairs Onto The Gardiner Expressway From High-Rise Balconies In Toronto

UPDATE (Feb 13, 2019): What We Know So Far About Marcella Zoia, 19, Charged In The Toronto Chair-Throwing Incident

Dumb trends tend to turn bad quick; whether it's people throwing themselves into freezing rivers for "the gram" or people pouring ice buckets over their heads while they ride horses, these challenges can quickly turn fatal. The latest of these reckless trends hit Toronto hard last weekend after a video of a young woman tossing a chair onto the Gardiner Expressway from a high-rise balcony went viral. 

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In the video, a woman who looks to be in her mid-twenties is seen gleefully throwing a wooden chair off of her balcony while the person filming follows it as it spirals down onto the populated Expressway. The video seemed to be being shared via Snapchat with the caption "Good morning". 

This is the second time that individuals have been caught on camera pulling the dangerous stunt. A similar incident involving two young men went viral in December 2018. The Toronto Police Computer Cybercrime Division opened an investigation into the matter at the time. 

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As for this latest incident, Torontonians were less than impressed by the reckless nature of the perpetrator, with many of them expressing their concerns on the Reddit comment section of the video. "if she wants to be recorded doing stupid stuff then let her accept the consequences, she should be reported to the police and charged." said one user.

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Another thread gaining traction on Reddit had residents of the condo which the chair was thrown from coming together to file a formal complaint against the woman and the managers of the building. "This is my building. I’m on it. I’m currently writing an email to send to the board and property manager," expressed one resident. 

Toronto Police opened an investigation into a related matter back in December, after a video of two young men pulling the same dangerous stunt went viral.  You can see the video of the first incident below:

@newstalk1010embedded via  

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Officers informed NEWSTALK 1010 last year that the Computer Cybercrime Division had launched an investigation into the video "in hopes of finding out when this may have occurred and started the investigation."

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