Soul Pancake released a video that called on people of all ages to tell us what exactly the word 'love' means to them and the result is 4 minutes and 39 seconds of rain on your face. The video shows children as young as 2 years old and adults all the way up to an impressive 105 years old telling us what love means to them.

The concept of love is an interesting one and that is evident in the video produced by the popular YouTube page. A sweet little 7-year-old girl answers: "well if you're talking family wise, it means everything but if you're talking like marriage, I mean like you can be single, thats kind of what I want to do." Meanwhile a more cynical, 35-year-old man tell us "love to me is the greatest marketing campaign ever invented."

The real kicker of the video comes in the form of a teary-eyed 105-year-old man explaining just how much meaning the four letter word carries for him. "Love means a lot to me, it means a lot, I love my family, my grandchildren, all of that" he explains as the video comes to a close.