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People Still Want California, Oregon and Washington To Join Canada

Could they be Canada's newest provinces?
People Still Want California, Oregon and Washington To Join Canada

Back in November, The Seattle Times published an article that posed a striking question: Should California, Oregon and Washington join Canada? Such article was a response to the overwhelming support in America for the secession of the three states, and it appears the concept is still picking up momentum four months after it was proposed.

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Three hashtags represent growing movements that serve as retaliatory responses to Donald Trump winning the election - #calexit, #oregone and #washexit. Some perceive all of this to simply be the left's way of acting out, but there are a good number of people who are actually serious in their support for the successions.

Post-election, Canada was guilty of being quite the encourager, putting forth the argument that the three states already shared similar interests with their northern neighbour - universal health care, a propensity for saving the environment, and, well, cannabis...

But does that make it a good idea? Some still think so. Canadians could enjoy having a limitless supply of oranges, and new vacation hotspots they could call their own (like L.A. and San Francisco). Americans could enjoy the possibility of getting a new NHL team, and the relief of not having to call Trump their president anymore. Just kidding.

Here's what a few Americans had to say about the whole succession debate:

Where do you stand?

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