Could Quebec actually abandon Canada to become New York's newest American neighbour to the north? Well, if all the stars aligned for one Canadian political party, they would definitely do everything in their power to make it happen.

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Parti 51 is a Canadian political party based in Quebec that was just recently revived after 30 years of dormancy. Led by lawyer Hans Mercier, the party believes that Quebec would benefit much more greatly under the U.S. Constitution, particularly when it comes to sovereignty and protections. Such notion has led the party to work towards a single goal - to turn the province into America's 51st state.

Their official website reads the following statements:

While the idea might seem quite original, it is far from new: that Quebec becomes a sovereign State of the union that is the United States of America. Indeed, at the very creation of the United States, they had already offered us to join the union and negotiations were undertaken on more than one occasion.

Obviously, the economical and political advantages of such a union for Quebeckers are undeniable. Quebeckers would no longer be simple spectators of world impacting decisions, but actual decision makers in the full with an important (and sometimes decisive) influence in the world’s greatest economic and military power. Quebeckers would have access to a stronger dollar and an extraordinary market, and it would be safe from the protectionist measures that have affected them so much in the past.

Currently, the party is looking for members to run for seats in 2018, and it hopes to initiate the secession of Quebec from Canada by 2019. Though, it appears that the party hasn't managed to gain any significant traction as of yet, with their Facebook page only at an unsatisfactory 1,100 likes so far. So while some people do want the secession to happen, they only represent a statistically insignificant minority.

More than this, an important part of achieving full annexation from Canada involves the approval of the US Congress for Quebec's joining into the union as a new state. Historically, they haven't approved any new states since Hawaii and Alaska in 1959, and had even denied a formal request submitted by Puerto Rico in 2012.

For more information on Parti51, visit their official website at


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