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‘Feel Good’ Star Mae Martin Says Toronto Is ‘Far Ahead’ When It Comes To Sexuality

"It just seems more blended."

Mae Martin, star and co-writer of Netflix series Feel Good, says that in their experience, Toronto is ahead of the curve when it comes to openness around sexuality.

With a second season out on June 4, Feel Good explores sexuality, gender identity, and trauma through character-driven comedy.

It follows a love story between Martin's character, also called Mae, and their girlfriend George (Charlotte Ritchie), which unfolds as Mae sorts through a complicated past of addiction and sexual abuse.

Martin grew up in Toronto and pays tribute to their roots in Feel Good, where some episodes are set (though sneakily not filmed) in their Canadian hometown.

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This Toronto 'Party Girl' Is On Season 2 Of 'Too Hot To Handle' & Here's What We Know

She lives a pretty hot life in the 6ix.

Season 2 of Netflix's steamy reality show Too Hot To Handle will finally be available to watch on June 23, and one of the contestants is actually from Toronto.

Carly Lawrence is one of the 10 singles competing for the $100,000 prize, and here's what we know about the 24-year-old model so far.

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John Tory’s Lockdown Hair Is More Extra Than Ever & These Pics Prove It (PHOTOS)

He was looking a little windswept this weekend! 😅

Somebody get this guy a hair tie! Toronto Mayor John Tory's hair continues to grow and it looks more voluminous than ever.

Showing off his long lockdown locks over the weekend, Tory made several appearances at vaccine clinics across the city.

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This Ontario Guy May Just Be The Celine Dion Of Real Estate Agents & His Videos Prove It

This has got to be the most creative way to sell a house.

Virtual house tours may not sound particularly exciting, but this Ontario real estate agent's videos will make you want to get up and dance.

Greg Sykes is a real estate agent in the Niagara area, and he's been making music videos as a unique way to present his listings.

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About The 27-Year-Old Crypto Billionaire From Toronto

Vitalik Buterin got paid to drop out of the University of Waterloo.

Even if you aren't investing in cryptocurrency, you've probably at least heard about it. While there are many different cryptocurrencies making waves right now, one in particular called Ethereum was co-created by a young programmer who grew up in Toronto.

Vitalik Buterin is the 27-year-old mastermind behind the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin, reports Forbes, earning himself over $1 billion. While his billionaire status is no secret, here are seven facts about Buterin that you may not have known.

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Celebs Are All Over Ontario Right Now Filming Their New Shows & Movies (PHOTOS)

Zac Efron is starting fires in Burlington.

Ontario has been the filming destination of choice for so many shows and movies in recent years, and 2021 has been no exception. Dozens of famous actors have been spotted in Toronto and other parts of the province this year.

This summer is set to bring lots of celebrity sightings to the city, and many A-listers are already in town filming their newest projects, from superhero classics to Stephen King horror adaptations.

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