As always, you can expect some big changes coming to the 6ix when it comes to housing. The city will be getting two new condos downtown in a Pharrell Williams-Toronto collab. The "Happy" singer has teamed up with developers to build condos in Toronto, but the location in a crowded area of the city, combined with the desire for more affordable housing in the city, has alarmed some.

Singer, songwriter, producer, fashion icon... property developer? Pharrell is dipping his toes in a new market with the project, currently named "untitled".

"Untitled" will see two condo towers constructed in the Yonge-Eglington area of Toronto, according to CTV News.

People at Dundas Square received a video message from Pharrell, sharing the project, which is currently called "untitled", during a media event.

"To live your life 'untitled' means not having to live up to something or perform beyond a standard," says Pharrell in the video. "For the standard to literally just be this beautiful matrix that allows people to create their own world."

The evident promo ad for the condos was followed by a message from the star, apologizing for not being in the 6ix during the announcement. However, Pharrell shares that he will be in Toronto come the new year. Organizers say he is expected to attend the launch of the Toronto project in January 2020.

According to CTV News, Reserve Properties and Westdale Properties say the project will have 750 units shared between two joined towers at the intersection of Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue.

Now, Pharrell's a big-name star, and this news may be exciting for some. However, given the ongoing housing issues in Toronto, many are looking for more affordable housing in the city.

And many Torontonians on Twitter seem far from "Happy" about the plans.

One person on Twitter says, "If this investment is for personal gain only, please direct your funds elsewhere our city doesn't need condos we need affordable housing for veterans, homeless, struggling parents with children, our province needs investments into humans future, not mad cash."

According to CTV, the Toronto partners met Pharrell in New York, Los Angeles, and London during 2019 in order to discuss "key themes around essentialism, connections to the elements, and the universality of space." Sounds wild.

This is the first time Pharrell has jumped into the residential development side of things, but he apparently managed to help out with decisions such as design and furnishings.

Sales for "untitled" are said to being in early 2020, although whether they'll be affordable is another question. No so now is your chance to start saving up as much as you can.

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