Pickering Is Getting A Massive Entertainment Centre With A Casino, Waterpark, And Hotel (Photos)

When you think of major entertainment centres in the Greater Toronto Area your mind doesn't exactly jump to Pickering. Like the zoo is kind of close to Pickering but that doesn't exactly count as an entertainment centre.  

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But it looks like that will all be changing. Which is good news for anyone who is looking for something to do on the weekend, and anyone who will be needing a job in the coming years.

That's because Pickering is in the process of getting a casino, waterpark, and hotel all rolled into one. Yes, all those things will be in one place apparently.    

Via Dlive

The complex would apparently create OVER 10,000 JOBS! Over 2,000 of those people would be working in the casino itself.   

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There isn’t any set date for when this would open (which is unfortunate because it sounds quite simply amazing) Durham Live is in the process of getting all its permits in order before beginning construction on the complex.    

Via Durham Live

But once open it would give people in the GTA a new casino option that’s a lot closer than driving to Barrie or Niagara Falls.    

Via Durham Live

The city of Toronto itself has turned down the idea of building a casino downtown many times in the past.  

But if Durham Live get everything sorted out with their permits then we could all have a new option for an extremely fun night out right here in the GTA. 

Sources: CBC, Durham Live