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Pissed Off Guy In Aurora Mails His Trash To Garbage Collectors

Photo cred - The Star

Ever had your local garbage collector ignore your offerings? Well, one man in Aurora did, and he was not cool with it. After leaving his garbage, recycling, and compost out in their designated bins at the front of his house, Jeff Ketelaars was surprised to find them all still there the next day.

When he called Green For Life (the company in charge of waste removal in his area) about it, they claimed that his garbage was not on the curb. But it was, and he had video evidence to prove it. The motion-detecting camera placed outside of his house for security purposes shows both the garbage and recycling trucks pass by his place twice, without ever collecting anything.

So, you've been dissed, what are you going to do about it? Well, Ketelaars decides to send the trash where it needs to go. He wraps it up carefully, puts it in boxes, and has it mailed to GFL. Needless to say, they were not excited about it.


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