Choosing a place to dine with your S/O for their special day can be difficult at times. Many people end up going to the same places over and over again for each others birthday because they're not sure where to go.

In Toronto there are over 8,000 restaurants that can accommodate different taste buds! Plenty of them will make sure your baes birthday is super special and guarantee an unforgettable experience. Is your S/O's birthday coming up and you want to switch up the scene to surprise them, but you're not sure where to go? Take a list at these 13 Toronto restaurants you must celebrate your S/O's birthday:

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1. Bar Reyna // 158 Cumberland St.

Bar Reyna is a new addition to the heart of Yorkville. The Mediterranean snack and cocktail bar is a great restaurant to go to for a birthday with bae because it has a comfortable environment, an all year round patio and an extensive tapas list. There is also a $7.00 menu, offered on weekdays from 4 pm - 7pm, which includes drinks and delicious food items for an affordable price.

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2. Carmen // 922 Queen St W.

This chic and vibrant restaurant allows you to enjoy the taste of Spain because of both the cuisine and atmosphere. There is a wide choice of paella & tapas to choose from, that are made with fresh ingredients using traditional Spanish recipes. Take bae on a trip to Spain by celebrating their birthday at Carmen!

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3. Branca // 1727 Dundas St W.

Branca is completely influenced by the Argentinean culture and cuisine. The restaurant is situated in a former home, presenting guests with a very comfy and friendly environment. The food is prepared using live fire grilling and South American techniques. Your guaranteed to have the perfect birthday celebration with bae because it has been recognized as one of Toronto's most romantic restaurants several times.

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4. Greta Solomon's // 1118 Queen St E.

Located in the hub of Leslieville, Greta Solomon's presents French and European inspired cuisine in a welcoming atmosphere. This charming restaurant will have your S/O in awe because it has an extensive food and wine menu that is served in an intimate spot with a vibe that will complete their birthday celebration.

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5. Her Father's Cider Bar + Kitchen // 119 Harbord St.

HFCB offers more of a casual, vibrant environment. If your S/O doesn't feel like dressing up and wants to have a chill night, it's a great place to go. They're known for their cider on tap, with over 75 kinds to choose from and a food menu that includes ingredients prepared with Ontario's finest produce.

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6. Entice Culinary Lounge // 1036 Queen St W.

Entice is currently the hot spot of Toronto! If you're looking to impress bae, you should plan a birthday date at this fabulous resto-lounge. The recently opened venue serves globally inspired cuisine and lip-smacking cocktails in a chic and lively environment that will defiantly leave your S/O with an unforgettable experience.

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7. Tutto Pronto // 1718 Avenue Rd.

Who doesn't love tasty Italian cuisine? Tutto Pronto is a family owned restaurant that provides friendly service and flavourful food in a great atmosphere. The name of the restaurant means everything is ready in Italian, which perfectly depicts the attention offered by the staff to make sure your S/O's birthday is better than ever.

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8. Campo // 244 Jane St. 

Campo is a popular Italian and Spanish inspired restaurant, that is located in the Bloor West Village. "Campo" translates to countryside in Italian, which gives meaning to the rustic inspired cuisine served at the restaurant. Your bae will probably start speaking Italian and walk out after an extraordinary experience saying "ah belissimo!"

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9. Pero Restaurant & Lounge // 812 Bloor St W.

Pero is a great choice if you and your S/O have opposing taste buds, because they have the perfect balance of meaty and vegetarian dishes available on their menu. The rich Eastern African culture is truly depicted in the cuisine as well as the atmosphere! If you and bae are open to experimenting, head over to Pero to switch up from your usual resto.

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10. Miku // 10 Bay St # 105

Miku is by far one of the top Japanese restaurants in Toronto. With over 7,000 sq.ft of space, a fresh raw bar, sushi bar and large patio, this restaurant will transport you and bae straight to Tokyo for the ultimate birthday dinner.

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11. Cava // 1560 Yonge St.

With delicious food inspired from the Spanish, Portuguese and other Latin American cultures, Cava will leave you with a memorable experience. The traditional styled restaurant also has over 200 bottles of wine to pair with your dinner and a vibrant atmosphere that will have your S/O very happy!

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12. Ricarda's // 134 Peter St.

Ricarda's is a Mediterranean restaurant that has a very modish design to it. If you're bae is all about style and loves dining in beautiful venues, this is the place to go. It is also a great choice for picky eaters because they have their custom order meals that are made to your liking. You can also take your S/O for a birthday breakfast or brunch to taste their sweet goods made daily at their own bakery.

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13. Benihana // 100 Front St W.

Your dinner will consist of an amazing show for your S/O's birthday! With chefs juggling and preparing feasts tapanaki style, (food prepared in front of you) at Benihana it is both, about the delicious food and experience. If you register for the Chef's Table online you can receive a complimentary $30.00 birthday certificate!

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